Travel blankets

Discover the ultimate travel comfort for your furry friend with our waterproof travel blanket, specially designed for your faithful canine companion. This blanket combines durability with softness, making it perfect for on-the-go adventures with your dog.

Whether you're exploring nature together, camping in the woods, or simply on the move, this travel blanket provides protection against moisture and cold. The waterproof material on one side prevents moisture from seeping through, while the soft fleece/bamboo on the other side offers a warm and comfortable resting place for your dog.

This blanket is lightweight and easy to fold, making it ideal for travel. Whether you're on a road trip, embarking on an adventure, or just out for the day, this travel blanket for dogs ensures that your furry companion is always comfortable and protected.

Let your dog indulge in ultimate comfort and protection during your travels with our waterproof travel blanket with soft fleece - the perfect companion for every adventurous dog.